Element accept




Mixed Content Model
accept ::=


Define a rule to include certain rpms only

The accept tag is used to filter rpms on their full name (including path) into the apt repository. This can be used to select rpms from an rpm repository without a structure. For example a rpm repository that has been devided mainly by people who have their rpms devided by version. The filter has been constructed with grep -E. The regular expressions that apply for grep can be used here as well.

In case one would like to accept rpms for release 9.0 and the ppc architecture one can make the following rule:
<accept>9.0.*ppc</accept>. Which will actually result in grep -E "9.0.*ppc"
A similar result can be obtained by using 2 accept tags:
<accept>9.0</accept> and
This will result in grep -E "9.0|ppc".


These elements contain accept: component .