Bob Torres wrote:

Anyway, I've recently installed apt4rpm and man, this is awesome. I've often thought about switching to Debian just for apt...but now that SuSE has it, I'm on board for good.

Robert Sweet wrote:

APT for SuSE is great. Now I can say I have the best of both worlds. My buddy has always told me (he runs debian) that apt is awesome. Now I can say "yes it is". I have installed apt4rpm from Will SuSE be officially endorsing this? I really like this program and hope SuSE incorporates it the next release.

Mark Doucette wrote:

Apt-Get is a package management system that is used on debian linux systems. It has the ability, unlike RPM, to connect to a server and d'load the package you are looking for as well as any/all dependencies required, all with one command, and all automatically of course. It works only if the ftp server is setup in the required 'repository' fashion. Until recently it has been only available for the debian based linux', but a couple bright souls decided to port it to RPM based systems as well. Works like a charm for me.

Curtis Rey and Marcel Broekman wrote:

CR: The only other rationale is to install and configure "apt-get". Unfortunately this will also be time comsuming, and I fear labourious as well. I foresee many posts to the list in the meanwhile, both from those experiencing similar frustrations, and from myself while bringing the program "apt-get" upto a functional status.

MB: getting apt-get to do the basic updating stuff is quite easy and won't cost you much time. Now if only SuSE could join the development of this great app and build their update, upgrade and install mechanism around it, preferably with a nice GUI plugin/module in Yast, they'd have the best package management tool in the world!

Tabanna wrote:

~ knowing very little 'bout updating system, am confused & amazed . . . APT-GET { apt-get } gives me the idea that it is "terrific"

Am I correct to suspect that APT-GET has zoomed past "___" overtaking at 200 kphour !

Are there ANY reasons, to use ___, now that APT-GET is up & running ?

Congrats . . . Great :o)

Last modified: 15 June 2002